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We are building our founding team one by one, and are looking for a core member for our startup.

Skills Required

  • Passionate about coding
  • Full stack developer
  • Completed at least one project with react and/or python
  • Believes in writing code that can change lives and create a measurable impact

More awesome if you’re ‘excited’ to work with a startup.

About us

HumbleShit, we are Digitising the Housekeeping Sector with a dream to Fix the Public toilet problems  in India, as a cool and sustainable technology business.

We are based out of Delhi and would like to work here at least for the next 6 months.

What we need from you?

1. To develop a kickass Dashboard for the Toilet Monitoring System, its front and backend. We are currently using React for the basic Dashboard and would like to work on top of it.

2. Configure and Communicate with the Backend; currently running on GCP and Firebase, BigQuery and Google IoT Core etc

3. Open APIs so that the dashboard communicates (or becomes integrable to the client’s engines)

4. To build two other software products for Housekeeping Companies in our journey of Digitising this sector.

What more responsibilities you can take ?

Oversee the Product Development with our Hardware team and ensure that everything communicates seamlessly and the technologies are stable and delivered in time.

We are looking to nurture our CTO from within our development team. If you’re interested email your resume to

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